Houdini Tonight!

Far be it from me to turn this blog into TV Guide, but sometimes I just gotta alert the public to developments of vaudevillian interest! Tonight at 10pm (EST) TCM is showing one of my favorite childhood movies, the George Pal produced 1953 Houdini bio-pic starring Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh.

Like most Hollywood bio-pics this one is light on facts, and is often downright misleading, but somehow captures both the soul of its subject and his milieu. As the poster implies, the heart of the picture is the love story between Houdini and his beloved Bess, nicely playing off of Curtis and Leigh’s real life off screen marriage. I was about to call it a magical picture, but just stopped myself. But you know what? It is, so never mind!

ALERT! This movie is NOT, repeat NOT currently Netflixable. So seize this rare opportunity to see it!


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