R.I.P. Aaron Baker

Aaron Baker (right) With Cara Moretto in “Spacemen from Space”

The promised excursions to Last Rites Gallery and Gotham Burlesque ended up not happening yesterday, and for a reason that still has me reeling.  Just before going on to speak up in Hudson, I got sucker-punched with the news that our friend and colleague Aaron Baker had suddenly and mysteriously died. We are all stunned with the suddenness of it. He was just HERE a minute ago. It’s all so bewildering.

I had the pleasure of acting with Aaron at least four times, in my productions of Ten Nights in a Bar-Room (2007) and Kitsch (2009), in Michael Gardner’s Ninja Cherry Orchard (2009) and Ian Hill’s Spacemen from Space (2010). Those two last-mentioned performances were essentially star turns — a comic persona was beginning to assert itself, one based on his super low-key, under-stated personality. His performances got howls in both those parts. He was also a whizbang writer; I enjoyed seeing his work at the Battle Ranch and his technology-environmental based collaborations with his partner-fiance Gyda Arber, whom we can’t stop thinking about today.
More than this, Aaron was part of the fabric of the family of artists who make their home at Williamsburg’s Brick theatre, an inevitable presence at so many happy celebrations, from the usual actor’s after-show drinks, to weddings and baby showers to (now that I think about it) even Christmas, Thanksgiving and the 4th of July.
That steady personality extended into his actions. He was a trouper. He supported his fellow artists.  He was always pitching in. And I never heard him knock anybody else.
This is a sad development and we will miss him.


      • I just don’t understand when people die that young I have such a fear of dying that every time I hear of someone that young I become obsessed with why I don’t understand it makes me question things over and over like was it cholesterol or an underlying heart problem that he wasn’t aware of either way it is such a shame my heart goes out to his family and especially his fiancé I was reading about her book I feel terrible and I don’t know them at all I guess just knowing what it is to lose someone brought me to ask thank you for answering please don’t think I’m crazy I’m just a 45 year old wife and mom who worries about a lot and lost quite a few people life is such a puzzle it’s hard to have faith good luck!


    • I don’t know his parents’ names, but I’m sorry to have to confirm that, yes, I believe that this Aaron Baker came from Greenfield


      • Thanks. I know his parents and remember him as a child. It is interesting to have run across your site and find he was such a talented and beloved man. There was a very brief death notice in the local paper, the Recorder, but never an obit. i saw his father today and thought he looked drawn, but was reluctant to say anything since I was unsure of the situation. With your information as background, I will write them a condolance note.


  1. I’ve known Aaron for 6 years, having worked closely with him at my firm. We at DecisionQuest are shocked and, as you write, REELING from the news of his death. He was one of the most reliable, responsible, polite, INTELLIGENT, hard-working, gentle-souled individuals I have ever known. I am still finding this all very hard to believe and my heart breaks for Gyda and all his loved ones. So tragic.


  2. This is beautiful Trav. Really special. Wish I was in NY to attend the Memorial. Please extend my love and sadness. So tragic. Thank you for writing this.


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