The Mosconi Brothers

The Mosconi Brothers ca 1900

The Mosconi Brothers were a highly energetic, athletic dance team whose most famous stunt involved running halfway up the side of the proscenium and doing a backwards somersault. One wonders — how does one do that the first time? They were third generation dancers. Their grandfather had been a ballet master in Genoa. In 1908 their father opened a dance school in Philadelphia. The whole family was taught to dance. The two brothers Louis (born today in 1895) and Charles (b. 1892) started dancing professionally in the area when still kids. They worked up an act wherein one of the brothers was dressed like Charlie Chaplin and the other like Edna Purviance — a savvy move when those were among the top stars of the day. In 1918 they were spotted by a scout for the Palace and were strictly big time after that. They played the Palace many times over the next decade. (Incidentally, on occasion over the years, their father and siblings would sometimes join them in the act, at which times they were billed as the Mosconi Family). In 1934 they retired as an act, opening a famous dance school in Hollywood. Louis died in 1969 and Charles in 1975.

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  1. Hello Christopher here wanted to reach out in regards to the Moscone brothers I have a show card 24 x 36 hand-painted with the title Moscone brothers sensational dancers painted by Alvin Wolfson art studios did my research I believe it’s from the palace theater 1927 when the brothers danced with their sister. Thought you would enjoy an image for your archives. Sincerely Christopher

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