Hot Mama Burlesque

Raven Snook is one of the few truly complete theatre-humans I know, and perhaps the first person I ever met in the city (after over a decade of living here) who made me feel not-quite-alone in the show biz universe. I think we met through critic Leonard Jacobs, who perceived a rough affinity (thanks for that, Leonard!) . How glad I was to meet another theatre critic/ costumed vaudeville performer with some sort of stylistic relationship to rock and roll. Now it seems I’m meeting such people all the time. Raven was ahead of the wave (as she was undoubtedly ahead of your clueless correspondent).

Raven’s an excellent theatre critic and all around arts journalist (she was already writing for the Village Voice as a teenager, I believe, and she possesses a fairly encyclopedic knowledge of Broadway history); she belts out standards like a space age Blossom Seeley; and like all the great vaudevillians, she lives by Sophie Tucker’s dictum: “Clothes matter”. I’ve never seen Raven when she didn’t look fabulous, a sort of mix of a goth chick, a Jewish princess (complete with tiara), and a hot blues mama. Lately, there has been been an emphasis on the latter. A few years back, she gave birth to Marlena (named after a certain Weimar chanteuse). Motherhood’s a rewarding challenge, but it never stopped those with the right stuff.

That’s why later this month Raven is presenting the the fourth annual edition of Hot Mama Burlesque at the Delancey. Joining Raven on the stage will be a bevy of sexy burlesque-dancing moms, including Camillicious, Creamy Stevens, Kat Mon Dieu, Ginger Baker and many more. (I thought Ginger Baker was the drummer for Cream! I guess she’s just the drummer for Creamy Stevens!) It’s all in conjunction with something called Mamapalooza.

For more information go here.

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