In Which I Get All Cranky About the Deceptively-Titled “Easter Parade”

Feeling all Eastery, and wanting to do some Easterish Easter thing on this Easterly Easter?

Well, then for God’s sake, DON’T watch Easter Parade, the 1948 Irving Berlin musical that has absolutely NOTHING to do with Easter, except for the fact that the beginning and ending scenes happen to be set on Easter Day. But in no way, shape or form is the movie about Easter or even an Easter Parade.  The film is a flimsy, craven excuse to make hay out of the titular song…and little else. It seems to me as though MGM’s famous Freed Unit simply dusted off some pre-existing script and shoe-horned it under the Easter Parade title. You could have attached it to any old song and called it any old title and made just as much sense. “Eatin’ a Hamburger”. “Walkin’ Down the Beach, Y’all”. “Look! What’s That Up in the Road Ahead?” All of these titles would have worked just as well.

It’s about this dance team, played by Fred Astaire and Judy Garland, which breaks up then gets back together. I think it would be an easy matter for me to get more  emotionally involved watching a test pattern or static. As a base, I intrinsically hate movies like this, but then to have them shortchange you on the Easter angle — it downright galvanizes one, converting mere indifference into an active tizzy.


At that point there’s only one thing to do. Watch a REAL Easter movie. Might I suggest the 1971 Rankin-Bass television special Here Comes Peter Cottontail, featuring the voices of Danny Kaye, Vincent Price, Casey Kasem, and Paul Frees. Incidentally, the tale is based on the Thornton W. Burgess stories illustrated by my great grandfather’s first cousin Harrison Cady .

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