Jerry Robinson: Ambassador of Comics

Today being the first day of NY Comic Con, I thought it would be the perfect time to plug the new book extolling the brilliance of comic book artist Jerry Robinson, the man primarily responsible for devising the graphic look of Batman’s “Joker” villain. My review of said book is here. My ex-wife used to work for Jerry for a number of years (as did my best pal, the famed Dwight Frye impersonator Robert Pinnock). As a result, Jerry came to out to one of our American Vaudeville Theatre shows at Surf Reality (circa 1998) and did some nice caricatures. And here they be:

Your Singing Host
Trav and Piano Man Albert Garzon
A cat named “Arlan” who I met at the Charleston Open Mic; I’ll have to check my files to see who that is doing the diablo
The Illimitable Mr. Pinnock. It looks to me as though he were saying: “Johnny, you gotta help me. The cops are after me.” (inside joke)
I believe it is Sarah McCord with her baby Tom on the left and my ex Susquehanna Sue, preggers with our boy Charlie, on the right
Crazy Gilda Konrad and one of her toys

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