The Bastille Day Address

I shout French phrases to the drunken many. Photo by Nora Leah Sherman.

At Jonny Cigar’s kind invitation, I performed at his Noble Rot Bastille Day wine tasting at Orsay. Knowing Jonny for the surrealist chap he is, my bit, ostensibly about French contributions to American culture, consisted of a series of sex related terms and phrases we borrow from the French (it’s a long list, if you think about it). The temperature in the room was hot enough to trigger another Revolution, but the people were nice, and me and my amour got hammered on excellent wine and various other beverages we were supposed to be tasting. Old school jazz music was supplied by Les Chauds Lapins (the hot rabbits). A Good Time Was Had by Gaul. Vive la France!

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