Charlie Kaufman and Everything Else in the Universe

Sometimes these writing assignments are like found money (as opposed to real money). Chelsea Now put me on the story of the Brainwave lecture series at the Rubin Museum of Art. Yesterday I got to see an amazing panel discussion between my favorite contemporary screenwriter/filmmaker Charlie Kaufman and physicist Brian Green (host of PBS’s The Elegeant Universe), followed by a similar discussion between Laurie Anderson and author/astrophysicist Janna Levin. In the audience were Susan Orleans (the New Yorker writer whose The Orchid Thief was the basis of Kaufman’s Adaptation), as well as Lou Reed, with full entourage. In between, I went up and snuck a peek at a mind-blowing exhibition on The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Whoa, it looks like that Jimi Hendrix record, man! My head is still expanding. Someone please catch the pieces,  I may need some of it back! At any rate, look for the full article, with a somewhat more respectful tone, in the next edition of Chelsea Now.

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