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Forward Back to Cinema

Posted in Indie Theatre, Movies, My Shows on April 14, 2008 by travsd
As the Chinese curse has it, we live in interesting times. In the arena, previously discreet performing arts species cross-fertilize, hybridize, and spawn strange new monsters.
To wit, two new installments from the happiness factory: a RADIO (podcast) conversation about THEATRE that draws its inspiration from FILM, and a VIDEO of a PLAY that draws its inspiration from RADIO & FILM serials and dime NOVELS.
In the first, a very special NYTHEATRECAST, I interview downtown scions Jon Stancato, Ian W. Hill and Jeff Lewonczyck about their respective cinematically inspired theatrical productions (The Accidental Patriot, The Magnificent Ambersons and Babylon Babylon, respectively). Audible at and descriptively encapsulated at:
In the second, a dear friend of mine named Trawets Sivart, a talented actor in his own right ( I think of him whenever I take a long, hard look at myself) portrays William Randolph Hearst in episode 5 of Third Lows’ production Penny Dreadful at a highly regarded Williamsburg Theatre that rhymes with “The Schmick”. Visible at:
I respectfully lay these at your feet like so many Sweet Rolls for the Buddha
Yours in thought, word and deed,
Trav S.D.
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